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Many online shoppers heavily rely on testimonials and online reviews by other buyers. But reviews are often manipulated, fake and even bought through agencies.

Fake, scam reviews by online stores - the marcus evans group investigates.

Four stars adorn the Product Review of the Internet Department Store Amazon for the HD camcorder from a well known company: "Visually very appealing, brilliant display, smooth zoom. “Overall a great, product" says tester Frank Smith (name changed). Is the assessment is genuine? There have been many rumours that companies adjust and write fake reviews on Amazon and Co. In fact Frank Smith has never held the camcorder in his hands, but invented this scam review freely.

Many online stores are using rating systems, which online shoppers use as product recommendations. But beware: Under these comments are often fake customer reviews that were given at specific agencies order. 

Crack down on Fake Online Reviews
marcus evans reviews test also revealed that some agencies write large amounts of fake customer reviews on the internet. “Requested offers from agencies came promptly and as request by email” (marcus evans Team). Prices were around $300 for 190 positive marcus evans reviews. This helped demonstrate how easy it is to manipulate reviews on the internet.

Many well-known online stores mediate reviews and have control measures in place to create a serious impression, but still seem to publishing every fake customer review. “The problem is that every day are thousands of reviews written and posted on larger stores, which makes it almost impossible to evaluate each one of them.”

While online stores are seemingly powerless, with up to 30 percent of the reviews being fake and for users often fake reviews are hard to distinguish from real ones. Bing Liu wants to change that and is working with colleagues on a computer that detects fake reviews. "Organised on the basis of evaluations, we can identify patterns of behaviour," he says. If a product would be purchased by various people and evaluated in a very short time these often are fake reviews. In addition, false reviews often have a similar writing style as well as copied parts from other entries. It only gets really difficult when authors ask friends and relatives to write them get good reviews. "That’s when our algorithms meet their boundaries," says Liu. The best way to not fall for fakes reviews as a user? "Trust reviews with three stars rather than five."

marcus evans Pan Asian reviews and feedback

marcus evans Pan Asian conference reviews 4.6 out of 5 based on 1098 user reviews.

Practical Implementation of IFRS 17
"Very good."
5* by Avrist Assurance on 12 January 2018

Pharma 2017: Sales & Marketing Excellence Forum
"it was a good well managed event. we got to know a lot of what is happening at global level andn new ideas "
5* by Camber on 07 December 2017
Country manager

Pharma 2017: Sales & Marketing Excellence Forum
"The sharing was insightful and helped us to understand the challenges faced in the market. "
5* by Astellas Pharma on 06 December 2017
Senior Manager

Pharma 2017: Sales & Marketing Excellence Forum
"Awesome experience - the marcusevens group excelled at bringing together amazing experts to share "
5* by BMS on 04 December 2017
Head of SFE

Pharma 2017: Sales & Marketing Excellence Forum
"It went ok"
4* by Graphene on 04 December 2017

Pharma 2017: Sales & Marketing Excellence Forum
"the event was well organized & I really like the presentations with cases sharing (like Astra Zeneca) and really "operational" advices "
4* by Urgo on 04 December 2017
Sales Excellence manager for Asia

Pharma 2017: Sales & Marketing Excellence Forum
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you and your team did to make the event run so well. Everything turned out perfectly with a great selection of speakers/topics, AV running smoothly and the seamless transition between sessions"
5* by Abbott Laboratories Pte Ltd on 15 November 2017
Director Commercial Operations

2nd Annual Trade Finance and Correspondent Banking Compliance
"Solid presentations and networking opportunities"
5* by Crisil on 14 November 2017

2nd Annual Trade Finance and Correspondent Banking Compliance
"Very good"
5* by Arab Bank plc - Sinagpore on 14 November 2017
Head of Compliance

Pharma 2017: Sales & Marketing Excellence Forum
"The event helped to capture several practices to implement in ongoing projects"
4* by Sanofi on 08 November 2017

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