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[Virtual+ Training Course] Superforecasting

Improving your company’s forecasting capability and building a prediction edge

28 Jun-1 Jul 2021
Online - Taking place concurrently in Middle East, South Africa, Asia

Why You Should Attend

[Virtual+ Training Course] Superforecasting

A good forecast can mean the difference between bumper earnings and bankruptcy. Superforecasting is one of many finance skills that can be seen as personally risky because the stakes are often high. Whole reputations can be riding on the success or failure of a new business acquisition, or whether it was the right decision to divest a part of the business. It is particularly vital that your leading financial superforecasters are domain experts with a firm grasp of various financial concepts such as cash flow, business valuations and cost-of-capital calculations.

This very intensive and hands on course centres around the practicalities of your business and commercial life. The majority of the data sets to be used in the course are taken from real life situations, ranging from economic data to data relating to the lining of oil wells with concrete! At every stage of the course, links are made between the practical aspects of forecasting, Microsoft Excel and the world of work.

Happening concurrently in:

South East Asia (Singapore Standard Time): 14.30-18.00

Middle East (United Arab Emirates Standard Time): 10.30-13.10

South Africa (South African Standard Time): 08.30-11.10

Our Distinguished Trainer

Duncan Williamson

Having more than 40 years of experience in management accounting, financial accounting, spreadsheet modelling and cost management, Duncan Williamson has managed to combine his strong financial analysis, problem solving and decision making skills to leave an exceptional mark on his training. Having set up his own consultancy firm, Duncan Williamson Ltd, he has presented seminars on topics that include Financial Reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards; both UK and US Financial Reporting Standards. He has led seminars on Oil and Gas financial reporting in the Middle East, Management Accounting, Financial Controllership and Financial Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting in Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Given his spreadsheet modeling background, Duncan has also led seminars with an emphasis on the use of spreadsheet software in accounting and management. Duncan combines his extensive academic and training experience with significant manufacturing and commercial work. In addition to working as a teacher and trainer, he has experience working in a wide variety of settings, ranging from working as a management accountant in process industries in the UK to product cost consulting in several industries in Eastern Europe and the oil and gas industry in the Middle East.

Our Live+ Platform

Despite the current circumstances, we know your appetite for key business insights remains, so our Live+ digital platform enables you to fully participate in the event remotely. Of course it provides access to live online streams of all session, but much more than that it ensures you are able to engage with speakers directly allowing you to participate in Q&, relevant breakout groups as well as event polling and other insights and resources delivered during the event. We realise interacting with other delegates is key to your event experience, so our innovate online solution allows you to set up online meetings with other virtual and physical attendees throughout the event; ensuring you still walk away with those key contacts that can make a tangible difference to you and your business. The platform will continue to host all event content on-demand for you to revisit and continue to access for up to 6 months post event.




Key Topics

  • Strengthening your decision making process
  • Applying Excel’s built in forecast functions
  • Evaluating the elements of forecasting for the long term
  • Reviewing the qualitative forecasting techniques
  • Applying and evaluating forecasting with time series data

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “Thank you for this great training, one of my best training ever had, your vivid examples; personal experience, sense of humor and team exercises are very helpful.” Dell
    • “It’s great to hear about forecasting excellence from the leaders in different industries.” Roche Technical Operations
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