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Powerful Boards: Resolving Conflict

Becoming conflict competent, creating opportunity for organisational growth and building strong dynamic relationships for active, independent and diverse boards

25-26 Jun 2019
Singapore, Singapore

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Powerful Boards: Resolving Conflict

Unmanaged conflict can hijack a board agenda and derail an entire board meeting. It can create major rifts among board members, erode trust and devastate a board's ability to function and make sound, strategic decisions. As a result, continued conflict can disrupt an entire organisation, leading to a decrease in member value. Successful boards are able to surface, confront and resolve conflict. They do not hide from it, or pass it off as inevitable. They address it and work to resolve it. This, of course, is not easy. The process requires a deliberate approach. This training will show you that, in the long run, such a commitment will lead to board members who are able to express their opinions and know they are being heard. As a result, the board will function better as a unit and make improved decisions.

Every company should be headed by an effective board, which is collectively responsible for the success of the company. The scrutiny placed upon public company boards continues to intensify as regulators, shareholders and corporate social responsibility advocates are becoming more vocal, more sophisticated and less forgiving. The business environment has become more complicated and more competitive. Given the high stakes involved, it is important that boards use a comprehensive approach to resolving the routine disagreements that inevitably arise. Boards using a systemic approach will resolve disputes more effectively, enhance their collaborative problem solving and decision making capabilities and ultimately become high impact and high performance boards.



Key Topics

  • Building High Performing Boards
  • Value of Problem-Collaboration: Negotiation and Informal
  • Dealing with Conflict Through Managed Tension
  • Conflict Management as a Shared Responsibility
  • Recovering the Dynamics of the Board After the Conflict

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